Assessment at Healing Primary School

At Healing Primary we believe that effective teaching with effective assessment of learning is the best way to ensure that children are making the important progress that we all hope for them. 

Our aim is to move children from a 'basic' level of understanding and skill development - where they are highly reliant on adult support or input - towards a 'deeper', more independent and more confident understanding.

Whilst learning is an individual journey with different children learning at different rates, each age and stage of their educational development has identified 'milestones' which they are expected to progress through. We use these markers to track every child's journey and this is shared with parents and carers at our termly parents/carers meetings so that we can work in partnership to support your child's learning. Of course you are welcome to come and chat about your child's journey at any time.

Our school uses Chris Quigley curriculum and assessment materials.