About Healing Primary School

We are a school run by a team of dedicated staff and governors, who are passionate about children’s happiness, wellbeing and achievements.  We aim to provide the kind of atmosphere where children, parents and employees feel valued, happy and accepted.  We are proud to be an academy school within the Healing Multi Academy Trust.


At the heart of Healing Primary School, is a commitment to ensuring everything we do makes us proud.  Every day, we take pride in demonstrating:


manners, kindness, respect and honesty.


Both our wonderful pupils, and our team of committed staff, strive relentlessly for the highest standards, whilst enjoying every moment in school.  We aim for all pupils to be happy, confident, resilient, inquisitive and to develop a thirst for learning; our motto is:


Enjoying today, preparing for tomorrow.


We strive to bring out the best in every child - academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually - to ensure they meet and exceed their potential, gaining the necessary skills needed to be successful in their future lives.  As such, we do not tolerate:


bullying, cruelty, racism, intolerance, irresponsibility, disrespect or dishonesty.


We are an excellent school, which is proud to offer an interesting, relevant and thorough curriculum.  Pupils also engage regularly in a wealth of activities outside of the core curriculum; we are successful in sporting events, STEM challenges, the performing arts, music and many other extra-curricular activities.


Parents, carers and visitors hold the school in high regard and support the pupils, staff and governors in our continuous cycle to evolve and maintain the highest standards of educational and pastoral provision.


We have an open door policy – please feel free to arrange a visit to the school via the school office, or contact us with any queries, comments or concerns you may have.