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Stars of the Week

We are Sooooo proud of you all

Week starting:
23rd March 2018

Foundation Stage

Sunshine Class
Name: Jack

For: Trying really hard to read and write all by himself. 

Rainbow Class
Name: Diana

For: Trying really hard to write down all of the sounds she can hear in a word when writing all by herself. 

Key Stage 1 
Years 1 and 2

Beech Class


Poplar Class


Oak Class


Lower Key Stage 2
Years 3 and 4

Acer Class


Cherry Class
Name: Sophie

For: Excelent work in maths. She has becomemore confident and has tried her with her calculations.

Willow Class


Upper Key Stage 2
Years 4 / 5 and 6

Cedar Class
Name: Amber

For: being a pleasure to teach. Always smiling and giving 100% in all she does. Her positive attitude shines through. Well done!

Elm Class
Name: Freddie Y

For: Making an outstanding contribution to class discussions during our Viking topic work.  Well done!

Lime Class
Name: Chase M

For: Being determined to achieve even when things have been challenging for him. He has shown great resilience with his learning and made great progress even when things have been really tricky. Well done!

Blossom Class
Name: Joel G.

For: Showing a really positive attitude to both last week's tests and his writing. He really wants to get things right.