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Stars of the Week

We are Sooooo proud of you all

Week starting:
16th January 2017

Foundation Stage    

Sunshine Class
Name: William S

For: using his phonic skills to read and write words all by himself.

Lunchtime Star is Lucy:

for having lovely manners at the dinner table.

Rainbow Class
Name: Evie-Rose

For: her fantastic listening and her phonics work.

Key Stage 1 
Years 1 and 2

Beech Class
Name: Kyra

For: Excellent science work investigating the senses.

Maple Class
Name: Jack

For: His fantastic effort in everything he does. This week he has done some fantastic multiplication work in maths. 

Magnolia Class
Name: Jayden

For: Working confidently with division calculations.


Lower Key Stage 2
Years 3 and 4

Acer Class
Name: Ruqayyah

For: Excellent effort and attitude towards her learning and for being an excellent role model to others. Well done Ruqayyah!

Cherry Class
Name: Louisa

For: Always showing enthusiasm and for excellent PE and maths work. Well done Louisa!

Willow Class
Name: Ruby

For: For showing excellent determination and attitude towards all that we teach. Well done Ruby!

Upper Key Stage 2 
Years 5 and 6

Cedar Class 
Name: Amelia L

For: For always having a fantastic attitude towards her learning and a big smile on her face! Amelia has worked hard on multiplying large numbers this week. She discovered how to factorise numbers to help with her calculations! Well done!

Elm Class
Name: Eddie

For:  Eddie is the star because he has put 100% effort in to his maths work this week. He used his multiplication knowledge well to solve difficult problems. Well done!

Lime Class
Name: Jessica

For: Always working hard in every lesson and being polite and well-mannered. She is a fantastic role model. Well Done!

Blossom Class
Name: Matthildur

For:  Making good progress with her reading and writing. Matthildur's effort and attitude is always excellent.