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Stars of the Week

We are Sooooo proud of you all

Week starting:
13th October 2017

Foundation Stage

Sunshine Class
Name: Rhys 

For: Trying really hard with his number work.

Rainbow Class
Name: Florence 

For: Good listening and always doing the right thing. Florence is a polite little girl.

Key Stage 1 
Years 1 and 2

Beech Class
Name: Noah Knight

For: Excellent maths work this week. Well done Noah!

Poplar Class
Name: Deep

For: Fantastic Rapunzel writing. Well done Deep!

Oak Class
Name: Abigail

For: adding together 2, 2 digit numbers very carefully. Well done Abigail!

Lower Key Stage 2
Years 3 and 4

Acer Class


Cherry Class
Name: Anastasia

For: Becoming more confident in her maths work. Well done!

Willow Class


Upper Key Stage 2
Years 4 / 5 and 6

Cedar Class


Elm Class
Name: Lana

For: Being resilient when trying to solve complex written maths problems. 

Lime Class
Name: Alex S

For: Being such a hard worker in everything he does. He's done some brilliant maths work this week.and has helped others. Well done, Alex!

Blossom Class
Name: Isobel C

For: Working extremely hard on multiplication and achieving a deep learning level. Well done, Isobel!