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Stars of the Week

We are Sooooo proud of you all

Week starting:
5th September 2016

Foundation Stage

Sunshine Class


Rainbow Class


Key Stage 1 
Years 1 and 2

Beech Class
Name: Esha

For: Trying very hard to work independently.

Maple Class
Name: Reagan

For: Being a super role model and producing some lovely writing. Well done!


Magnolia Class
Name: Olivia

For: Super art work this year.

Oak Class
Name: Alexandra

For: Being a super role-model and for impressing me with her fantastic answers to questions about stories.

Lower Key Stage 2
Years 3 and 4

Acer Class
Name: Charlie Jacklin

For: A very sensible and mature attitude to his learning. Well done Charlie!

Cherry Class
Name: Halla Sigurjonsdottir

For: A wonderful attitude towards her learning. Well done Halla!

Willow Class
Name: Georgia L

For: For excellent English work in recognising features of a fairy tale. Well done Georgia!


Upper Key Stage 2
Years 5 and 6

Cedar Class
Name: Isabelle Smith

For: Being an excellent role model for Cedar Class. Isabelle has worked so hard and impressed me with everything she has done this week. Well done!

Elm Class
Name: Tommy Scrimshaw

For: Tommy has had an amazing first week in class. He has listened well, worked hard and impressed us with his good behaviour.

Lime Class
Name: Lily Jacklin

For: Having a postive attitiude to her work, working hard and settling well. Well done Lily!

Blossom Class
Name: Sarah McDonald

For: An excellent start to the year with a fantastic attitude to learning. Sarah has participated very well in lessons. Well done Sarah!