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Stars of the Week

We are Sooooo proud of you all

Week starting:
19th September 2016

Foundation Stage

Sunshine Class
Name: Zac Davis

For: settling into school really well. Zac listens carefully and he is good at following instructions.

Rainbow Class
Name: Ella

For: making a fantastic start at school. She listens to everything she is told and is trying really hard.

Key Stage 1 
Years 1 and 2

Beech Class
Name: Raine

For: Trying hard to write sentences with adjectives in.

Maple Class
Name: Grace

For: Putting 100% effort into everything and trying super hard in phonics to write words with the 'ai' sound in them.


Magnolia Class
Name: Alfie T

For: consistently putting 100% effort into all his work and for writing a wonderful story opening.

Oak Class
Name: Tilly

For: always putting 100% effort into everything she does and for writing a super story this week.

Lower Key Stage 2
Years 3 and 4

Acer Class
Name: Charlie 

For: working really hard finding and using superlatives in his writing. Well done Charlie!

Cherry Class
Name: Sam 

For: For putting 100% effort in everything he does. Well done Sam!

Willow Class
Name: David

For: For working really hard solving maths problems this week. Well done David!

Upper Key Stage 2
Years 5 and 6

Cedar Class
Name: Joshua

For: Settling in really well at Healing Primary School. Josh is a great role model for Cedar Class and showed this with fantastic behaviour on our trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park this week. He is always kind, caring and well mannered. Well done!

Elm Class
Name: Brooke

For: Brooke is the star for her brilliant behaviour on our trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. She asked thoughful questions and was very enthusiastic. She is also a very kind and caring friend to everyone within the class.

Lime Class
Name: Kyle

For: fantastic behaviour during our school trip. He listened well and was a role model to others. Well done Kyle!

Blossom Class
Name: Jack

For: Particpating so well in our English lessons, giving deep answers to questions during discussions.