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Healing Primary School - Pupil Premium : September 2017 update

Pupil Premium funding for 2016-17 was £48,250 which was used to support the academic and emotional/pastoral needs of children in any of the four categoroes: a)  Looked After by a Local Authority b) who have ever been looked after by a local authority  c) with a parent in the armed forces  d) currently in receipt of free school meals   e)who have ever had free school meals.

In 2016-17 we had 35 children on the Pupil Premium register. 
Most of our Pupil Premium children do not face any significant barriers to educational achievement but they are all on their own very individual 'journey's'. Our aim is to ensure that every child in school is noticed, valued and challenged. If a child does not meet an 'expected' standard but has done their very best then we are delighted for them and for us as a school. Our main focus for these children is to ensure that they have the additional support - both academic and pastoral - to ensure that they are confident, secure and happy. We measure the impact of the pupil premium money with rigorous progress and attainment monitoring and with analysis of pupil voice feedback. 

We have used this money to employ 2 Teaching Assistant for 25 hours each to support and work with children as required with the remit of Narrowing Gaps and accelerating progress. These staff work directly with PP children around 3 times a week to support academic progress and pastoral needs 
From September 2015 we  employed an additional teacher in KS2 to reduce class sizes to further impact on pupil progress and attainment.
We have also bought hand held technology to support access to the curriculum and enhance their learning at home. LAC,Post LAC and FSM children in KS2 are offered a laptop to use at home. 
We provide a 50% subsidy for all extra curricular and curriculum enrichment activities including residential visits  as well providing support for any music tuition. To impact specifically in progress with reading and attention we have bought in an ICT solution(Lego)

Pupil Premium Impact 2016-17

The proportion of pupils on our Pupil Premium register during 2016-17 was 10% of the school. In Year 6 there were 9 children or 17%  compared to the national average of  32%. This puts the school in the lowest FSM band nationally.

Attainment information for PP children at this school:

Year 1 PHONICS screening test - 100% of our year 1 children met the standard in the phonics screening.  8% of the group were on our PP register. 

Information for Key stage 1 and Key Stage 2 can be accessed using the links below.