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Our Attainment and Progress Results for 2016

Please find below a link to the PDF file that gives information about our academic outcomes for the school year ending July 2016.

We are extremely proud of the efforts of all our children and we celebrate their individual successes. We hope that, as they move through school until they eventually leave us, they feel genuinely proud of themselves and prepared for their futures.

Our last Ofsted Inspection was in September 2011 and at that time we were recognised as a "Good and Improving School."

Since that time we have been on an upward trajectory and we now believe our school to be an 'Outstanding School' where children are happy, safe and achieving their potential - Enjoying Today, Preparing For Tomorrow.

Please click on the links below for more information about how well we are doing as a school

Government Website

Our Ofsted Report

SATs INFO and Results 2016

Headline data from SEF