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In the Foundation Stage we use an electronic system for the assessment of all the children. The programme has the facility to involve parents in their child's learning and progress using a secure email system. We send regular updates of each child's progress by sharing observations we have done in school. Parents are able to read the statements relating to their child's learning and see what their current targets are.  Parents are also able to contribute to their child's assessment by writing messages relating to the statements.


This system is proving to be very effective in sharing the individual learning journeys of the children with their parents.  Here are some of the email responses we have received from happy parents:- 

04 Mar 2014 09:20

Dear Mrs Stanley Thank you so much for Labeeb's recent report, we were really happy to receive it, you are all doing a great job with such a wide variety of fun and engaging activities, thank you so much for all your hard work. I am pleased with Labeeb's progress and overall his passion and willingness to learn which has been greatly encouraged by yourself and the staff. It seems from this report that he is on target in most areas, where he is working at a lower level i.e. 30-50 months it is linked predominantly to manual and dexterity based activities, especially the fine motor skills needed for cutting, sticking etc. His reading has massively improved and he shows and interest in mathematical questions and issues now, as per the 'helping your child with maths' talk I have started to introduce the importance of 10 to him and counting in 10's as well as playing shops and counting play money. If you have any suggestions of what you think I can do to improve any areas of his understanding and learning please let me know, I am always happy to be involved. All the best Sabha Allam On 4 March 2014 09:37, 2Build a Profile

18 Oct 2013 06:10 

Thanks for the detailed reports. It is great to read about how------ mixes and interacts with other children at school. She does often mix b and d up when reading and writing. This is something we have been working on at home focussing on the letter formation so that she sees the difference. We are really pleased to see her tackling some of the early learning goals already. Thanks T and M > From: 

25 Nov 2013 08:20

It's very lovely to see how well Charlie has settled into school and to see what activities he's been doing which is useful as he doesn't always tell us what he's been doing! Charlie did say how much he enjoyed making the reindeer food. He's did really well reading his new Top cat book tonight. Many thanks Tracey & Ian Martin > From: reports_AF37AF1D-0617-4B00-BCD4-8468EF69B0F0@2buildaprofile

19 Oct 2013 02:30

Dear Mrs Stanley Thank you for sending the report of Lola. It was lovely to see all the activities she does at school and reassuring to see her happy and smiling. The whole family have enjoyed looking at Lola . It is wonderful to have a "window" into her school life. We look forward to receiving more updates. best wishes Nichola Oldridge 

11 Oct 2013 02:23 

We have received Freddie's first electronic observations - thank you. It has been lovely to see him within the classroom environment looking so settled and enjoying his schooling. We agree that Freddie needs to practise sounding his words, particularly those beginning with s and c. We will continue to use the cut out letters to support this from home. Warm regards