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Family Information Service

If you are looking for childcare, require information about tax credits, wish to talk about issues/problems you may be having as a family or would like more information about activities and services for children and young people in your area, please look out for your local FIS Outreach Worker in your local area. Alternatively contact the Family Information Service information line on 0800 18 303 17, text: 07624 802 438 or email to find out where they will be or make an appointment for a more detailed discussion about your needs.

If you need any more details please just give me a shout, I work part time Monday to Wednesday but I am quite flexible so where possible I will always help out but if I'm not available I also work as part of a team of Outreach workers and we will always do our best to support you and your school.  Just another note, you can also access the Holiday activity booklets through our site too so that’s a good place to direct parents should they ask and the new one has just gone online.

Please find below my contact details and I hope to hear from you soon.

Many thanks

Emma Crooks
Outreach Development Officer
Family Information Service
0800 18 303 17 - or direct dial 01472 326876