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Holidays and Absences during term Time

Attendance at school REALLY matters to how well they do in school. (There's lots of reasearch around this)

WE always encourage maximum attendance - 100% if at all possible.   Of course we understand that children get ill - and when they are ill the should NOT BE IN SCHOOL. This is unavoidable.
If your child won't be in school, please let us know by 8:50 on the day.

If you are considering taking your child out of school, for any reason, during term time you MUST use the form below at least 2 weeks prior to that absence. 
Absences are only authorised in 'EXCEPTIONAL' circumstances and parental shift/working patterns - however inconvenient - are not considered as 'EXCEPTIONAL'. 
Absences will be considered by Mrs Wood and will either be approved or not approved. If it is not approved then the absence, should it go ahead will be recorded on their attendance record as an 'unauthorised absence'.
Some 'unauthorised absences' may be referred to the Education Welfare Officer for consideration of a penalty or fine. This would typically be where the absence forms part of a 'pattern' of absence, where attendance falls below 85% or when it is timed so that it 'avoids' a formal assessment such as the Y6 SAT's.
Please note - any money taken as a result of being 'fined' does not come into the school's budget. 

Please click the link to download a copy of a form.