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Helping Our Children To Be 'SAFE' Online

Clicking on the image (right) will take you to the the home page that we advise all parents/users to set as your default homepage.

The four search engines listed are 'child friendly' and as safe as any can be although you are still advised to monitor your child's browsing.The site also links you directly with our website and with some really useful sites that will support learning. Have a look and make this small but valuable change to your search engine today. 

The 'WORRIED?' icon gives children the chance to tell someone if they are concerned about anything they've seen, heard or become otherwise aware of whilst online. When they click on it and put their name, it will alert either myself or Mr Smith so that we can help.

Below is a link to the Council's Safeguarding website with lots of useful information. Have a look. 
If you are ever worried about:

  • a child being harmed or neglected
  • religious (or other) extremism
  • any form of exploitation including sexual exploitation

PLEASE do something about it - either by telling us here at school or by contacting social services direct - contact numbers are on the LSCB website. 

External Link North East Lincolnshire's Local Children's Safeguarding Board
External Link Online Gaming advice
External Link Parent information 
External Link

parental controls advice