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What Makes a Hero?

This term our focus question is: What makes a hero?

We will be learning about heroes of the past, including: Thomas Edison, Martin Luther King and William Wilberforce. We will be visiting the William Wilberforce Museum in Hull, as part of their City of Culture Celebrations.

Art Heroes

In art, we wil be looking at portraits from artists of the past. We will be recreating our own Mona LIsa paintings.

We will be looking at Pop Art from Andy Warhol and also loking at modern graffiti art from Banksy

Music Heroes

In music, we will be listening and appraising music from our musical heroes from past and present, including John Lennon.

Science Heroes

?In science, we willl be focusing on science heroes of electricity.

Scientists studied will include: Thomas Edison, Michael Faraday and Benjamin Franklin.


Our heroes

Who is your personal hero?

We will be discussing the question: What makes a hero? and giving our personal responses.

It would be great if you could talk to your child about your pesonal heroes too.