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Spring 2017  FS News Letter

Welcome back to our Spring Term. We have lots of exciting activities and experiences planned for the children. We would like to welcome Miss Parker to our Foundation Stage team as Teaching Assistant. Mrs Peterson will also remain with us part-time as she will be working further up the school too.

Our topic, this term, is traditional stories. We will be reading and writing; making; baking and having fun with popular stories such as The Three Little Pigs and The Gingerbread Man.

The children will  work in their phonic groups to develop the skills they require to read and write independently.

Number work will include addition and subtraction using numbers to 10 or 20, depending on ability. The children will continue to develop their understanding of place value and they will endeavour to solve simple number problems using the language of addition and subtraction.

After Half term we will be visiting Captain’s Cove Play Centre as part of our celebration of World Book Day. We will also be asking the children to dress up as Pirates for our school World Book Day on 2nd March. During this period we will be reading a selection of fantasy pirate books and engaging in role play activities linked to this theme. More information on our off-site visit will be given as soon as we have confirmed prices with the venue and coach travel.

Towards the end of the Spring term the children will learn about the Easter Story (using a child friendly approach to this Bible story.)

We will continue our ‘Sharing Learning’ sessions (see dates and times below) and we look forward to inviting parents/family members into the classroom to help with baking activities.

Monday 9th January

Sharing phonics

2:55 - 3:20pm

Monday 30th January

Sharing Maths


Monday 13th March

Sharing writing

2:55 - 3:20pm

Monday 27th March

Sharing Maths

2:55 - 3:20pm

As you can see we have a very busy term ahead with lots of exciting activities planned. We look forward to taking the children further on their learning journeys and welcome the support you give at home.

Please note: Reports will now be sent every two weeks via the 2Simple secure site, so look out for your emails. We have decided to send reports more often so you can see what your child has been learning and check what you might be able to help them with at home. (You might see NEXT STEPS comments on the report to guide you in supporting your child.  Please remember you can add comments or evidence to your child’s profile by emailing back via the 2Simple email system. It’s always good to hear from you!

We will also publish some of your child’s writing on the Pobble website. We can only publish work on this worldwide website once we have received your written consent and email address so please remember to send in the return slip from the Pobble letter you were given last term. If you need a new letter you can download a copy via a link from our Healing Primary website.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Stanley and the Foundation Stage Team.