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Welcome to Healing Primary School -  

Our Autumn Term Information Letter.

                                                                                                                          15th September 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

The children are settling into school really well. They have enjoyed getting to know their new teachers and are beginning to make new friends. Next week the children will begin their full time school routine. Please encourage your child to say goodbye to you at the cloakroom door as it soon becomes too crowded in the cloakroom and children find it more difficult to hang things on their on pegs and make their way to the classrooms for registration. Staff will help them in the cloakroom and guide them into the correct classroom. (Of course, if your child is still a little unsure about leaving you, you are welcome to settle them quickly into their classroom.) We would ask all parents to make their way off the school premises by 9 o’clock so we can lock the main gate promptly for security purposes. Please note that a member of staff will take any messages from you at the cloakroom door and pass them onto your child’s teacher. 

Our Autumn Term ‘Parent share’ session will be on Monday 6th November. We advise that you arrive at the school office just before 3pm, allowing time to sign in and wait to be brought to the unit at 3pm. During the session you will be able to support your child in played-based learning activities. At 3:20pm parents will be asked to take their child into the cloakroom to prepare for home. A member of  staff  will supervise in the cloakroom to ensure no child leaves without their parent/guardian. Children without a visitor will remain in their classroom and prepare for home-time in the usual manner to leave via their allocated classroom door to parents waiting in the little playground. Please help us to keep the children safe at home-time by being patient and following the advice above.

Library Books  -  How to use our book lending service:

  • Please write your child’s name and the title of the book you are borrowing in the ‘Home Sharing Books’ folder. There is one for each class – Sunshine and Rainbow.
  • We will leave the box of books and the folder out every Monday from 3pm for you to return books and choose new ones.
  • REMEMBER to enter the date against the book title you are borrowing or returning.

P.E. for both classes is on Tuesday and they are reminded to come to school wearing their full PE kit with their full school uniform packed into their PE bag to change into after the lesson. Please make sure all clothing is clearly labelled as PE days can be difficulut when children cannot identify their own clothing.

 Your child’s individual learning journey:  Staff have already started making observations and taking photos to evidence what your child can do at school. This is then shared with you, every half term, via a secure emailing system  (2Buildaprofile). We would encourage all parents to make use of this online reporting facility  in order to give you updates regarding your child’s progress. Please fill in the form attached and return it to the F.S. as soon as possible. Once your email has been uploaded you will receive a message asking you to click on the link. You must do this in order to receive the reports. You can send comments, observations and photos any time to add to your child’s learning journey profile by sending an email directly to . We look forward to hearing from you.

 Thrass: your child will need aThrass mat at home in order to practise reading and writing activities. When ordered in bulk they cost  £2.00 each. We ask that you pay for a Thrass mat for your child to use at home throughout their early  school years. Please see the form attached.

 The term ahead is full of interesting and exciting activities, which we will keep you informed about.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs H Stanley and the Foundation Stage Team.